Our well-known civil and commercial litigation service is providing our clients not only on court proceedings, but also we always identify the issue with considering various aspect and legal fact first to minimalize the problem that may occur by provide strategic yet effective and efficient in handling every case, so our clients get the best result and feel protected to achieve our clients goals.

We often handled the litigation case such dispute about business contract, breach of contract, and unlawful act claims. In other side we often handled an issue such dispute between the business partners, shareholders dispute in the corporation, and other complex business dispute.

TRNP’s lawyers had experiences within years on criminal litigation provide a service to represent our clients as criminal defense attorney both for individual or corporation on facing an allegation of criminal violation act in investigation and Trial stage at District Court. We also assist our client in doing legal effort to submit an Appeal at High Court and submit the Cassation and Final Appeal at Supreme Court. Our lawyers are equipped with formidable legal skills both theory and practice to provide legal advice and defense to our client. So our client receive an appropriate yet maximum legal assistance and defense in preserving their legal rights.

We also often represent our client to submit criminal allegation charges which disserve the legal rights of our clients. We assist client to analyze firstly from the aspect of criminal law related to allegation of criminal violation act that suffered by our clients and also assist collecting any documents and files related to the process of reporting the allegation of criminal violation act charge, also monitoring the progress of the case that our clients faced in investigation stage on Police Institution and Attorney Office, as well to the trial process in every stage of trial.

The development of legal practice today, Alternative Dispute Resolution become one of the options for an effective dispute resolution mechanism especially for business and commercial resolution. TRNP are the law firm that has many experienced assisted client in handling dispute on Alternative Dispute Resolution such at Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) and at Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions in the Financial Sector (LAPS).

We strive to develop appropriate and practical strategies in handling the case, also provide legal argument based on appropriate and strong legal facts. So our client receives an appropriate yet maximum legal assistance for dispute resolution that suit our client goals.

We highly experienced providing service in Bankruptcy and Payment Suspension litigation, we assisted or represent a client in application stage or in the process of bankruptcy and payment suspension/debt restructuring. We also assist the client in a process of making the debt restructuring plan or make an assessment on submitted debt restructuring plan, doing negotiation on submitted debt restructuring plan, also provide an advice to take legal steps related to bankruptcy and payment suspension/debt restructuring for our clients.

Our lawyers has certification as receiver and administrator to appoint for Bankruptcy and Payment Suspension process.

We’ve entrusted for so long to handled notable insurance companies for years. With our proficiency and experienced on insurance matters, we assist insurance company in litigation related to insurance claim dispute, insurance policy agreement, agency contract, and other disputes related to insurance. On the othe side we often provide legal services related to allegation of criminal violation act in insurance such insurance document forgery, embezzlement of customer premium or false information about insurance product.

Moreover, we often assist insurance company to drafting insurance agreement, agency agreement, risk mitigation, also provide legal opinion related to insurance law.

Indonesia’s labor regulatory had some adjustments recently, where disputes often arise between the employer and employee. We often assisted a client related to labor dispute by representing our client in bipartite mediation, tripartite mediation with government, or litigation process in Industrial Relation Court.

We also assist the company to drafting employment contract, company regulations, cooperation agreement, and handling and negotiating about work termination, or other things related to labor.

TRNP has been involved in many Competition and Antitrust litigation matter, Competition and Antitrust regulatory is complex because it includes an economic aspect into a legal instrument. We provide a solution to all types of disputes and represent companies under investigation by the Indonesian Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) in cases concerning breaches of competition law.

Our lawyers are extensive experienced in providing service on intellectual property, both in intellectual property litigation on commercial courts as well as arbitration, as well as assisting clients in the process of registering intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, and patents, as well as related to registration of trade secret agreements. On the other side, we can also provide legal advice services about intellectual property rights in drafting license agreements, transfer of intellectual property rights, and other agreements related to intellectual property rights.

We are providing litigation service to navigate through the complicated indonesia’s administration regulatory through the State Administrative Court. We also assist our client with on point legal advice at local and national levels.

The world has grown and change its shape with fast-paced within our daily basis. Cyber and data crime such company data or personal data leaking or stealing and other cybercrime often arise around us, especially in Indonesia. TRNP provide litigation services such handling alleged criminal cyber and submitting a lawsuit related to tort of violation on cyber & data.

We also assisted clients to manage their business to suit the Indonesian electronic regulatory such drafting the term of use agreement between the customer, cooperation agreements with the government, and other agreements related to cyber & data.

With the fast-developing landscape of modern business, its essentials of having a legal representation which deliver a reliable legal advice to face a challenges that may arise. TRNP are dedicated to providing top-notch service such as legal due diligence, contract drafting and review, assist or represent our client in the process of General Meeting of Shareholders, assisting our clients to create new company, business contracts negotiation, also provide corporate legal counsel.

With the growth of property & real estate sector in Indonesia few years back, we experienced provide legal service related to Commercial Property and Real Estate such as provide legal counsel to clients, draft and review all type agreements of Property and Real Estate including taken care of permits.

TRNP experienced providing a service handling the process of corporation M&A such as help our clients doing comprehensive legal due diligence in the process of transaction and assist preparing its documents. Also draft and reviewing M&A agreements.