“Our Experienced, for you”

TRNP Law Firm established by two founding partners M. Taufik Riyadi, and Nirizki Perdana Putra, Our Law Firm providing legal litigation services as our key services. Based on our partners experiences within years, we’ve handled and assisted our client in various litigation services, especially civil and commercial litigation appertain with business dispute or also through alternative dispute resolution.

We also reliable in providing services such corporate & commercial, insurance, intellectual property, property & real estate, and merger and acquisition. In the services that we provide, we not only understand the legal aspect but also understand our client’s business aspect. We’ve experienced in handle various multinational, national, and state-owned companies and sole proprietorship.

“Brought together by passion for profession”

Brought together by passion for profession”

Realizing that law is always dynamic and constantly evolving, we are committed to providing our best services through our experienced lawyers in their fields with a rich understanding of theory and practice including litigation culture, supported by the ability of our lawyers who are adaptive, professional, responsive and reliable.


Our way of working

With high integrity and loyalty, we synergize in working by noticing every detail, swift response, work structurally, comprehensive legal analysis and considering all the legal aspects in every problem solving step, to provide legal solution with practical business approach effective and efficiently which aims to protect and achieve our client’s goals.


Civil & Commercial Litigation

Our well-known civil and commercial litigation service is providing our clients not only on court proceedings, but also we always identify the issue with considering various aspect and legal fact first to minimalize …

Bankruptcy and Payment Suspension / Debt Restructuring

We highly experienced providing service in Bankruptcy and Payment Suspension litigation, we assisted or represent a client in application stage or in the process of bankruptcy and payment suspension/debt restructuring…

Criminal Litigation

TRNP’s lawyers had experiences within years on criminal litigation provide a service to represent our clients as criminal defense attorney both for individual or corporation on facing an allegation of criminal violation …


We’ve entrusted for so long to handled notable insurance companies for years. With our proficiency and experienced on insurance matters, we assist insurance company in litigation related to insurance claim dispute…

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The development of legal practice today, Alternative Dispute Resolution become one of the options for an effective dispute resolution mechanism especially for business and commercial resolution. TRNP are the law firm…


Indonesia’s labor regulatory had some adjustments recently, where disputes often arise between the employer and employee. We often assisted a client related to labor dispute by representing our client in bipartite…